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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Have you met, Mikey?

Meet Mikey. Here's the newest addition to our family of cats. My good friend Kathay who knows I have a heart for cats and especially black cats told me of a friend who needed to place their kitten in a good home.

Mikey was originally rescued at the age of 5 weeks from a busy Houston intersection. He was nursed by hand with KMR and taken care of before he was given to Lucille, Kathay's friend. She could keep him until recently and on April 9th, I went to pick the little guy up and bring him home.

It was an interesting transition. He now has three playmates -- two who are BIG black cats and Sassy, our mottled tortie with gray, white and peach fur. She is his number one wrestling partner. I think after last night she got a little worn out -- Mikey seemed to be a flying bullet chasing her all evening after I came home from work. This morning I caught Sassy hiding under the master bed -- not in a cower, but like she was hoping "someone" wouldn't notice where she was.

He's 6 months old and tomorrow he goes to the vet to become what my husband calls: "the 3rd gender".

Take Care!



Jenny Gropp said...

awwwww. he is a cutie!!!
laughing over the "third gender" comment!

Melanie said...

LOL!! I love your husband's phrase. I'm gonna have to tell my husband that one.

Adorable kitty! Mine is black with tuxedo markings and a tiny white spot right under his nose. He's a big, fat cat now.

I remember when he would shoot around the house when we first got him (he still does actually). Hence his name, Rocket. We call it "freak-out mode" when he does that.

Carla Bazhenow said...

Ahh, how sweet!!! Mikey is gorgeous. I'm glad he has buddies to play with too. Hugs, Carla

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