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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dance Till the Stars Come Down

   You know how sometimes things start to click?  Well after a bit of a period of no mojo, a recent purchase of some cool digital sheets for collage and watching some Youtube videos got my creative juices flowing again.

Two-Page Dance

Page 1 - Dance
   I love dancing - it's been my hobby for the last ten years to dance as an amateur competitor with my teacher in country-western dancing competitions (not your bar-style dancing either) where we not only two-step, but we waltz, cha-cha and do west-coast swing.  
  I love my Arts and Crafts as much - if not more!
  Thanks for coming by and looking--leave a comment if you wish.


donna said...

These are wonderful pages.Great images and your backgrounds are super. Keep on dancing!..Donna

Melisa Waldorf said...

What a wonderful combo of the 2 things you love so much! All it needs now is a kitty photo tucked away in there! I love all the bright colors. Another wonderful mixed media project.

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