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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WOYWW #127

   It's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  
   I enjoy checking out and seeing what other people are up to, don't you?
   On my desk is a partially completed journal spread - but not too worry as that is how it should be.  I've been doing an online class since Nov 1st (see button on the right, just under the Google Friends box -- have you clicked that yet BTW?) and the goal is just to spend about 10 to 15 minutes a day in your journal. 
   You don't have to journal a lot.  Sometimes just preparing a background is sufficient creativity if you can only snatch a few minutes of time.
     Sometimes I can't stop as you can see from my Saturday and Sunday posts or sometimes that MOJO is just flowing and I get a lot more done in a session and have to start a new spread before the online instructor has moved on.  However, she is teaching techniques also - which is one of the things I really like about Julie Fei-Fan Balzer - there are always good things to learn!
   Off to my job but I'll be thinking of what creative fun I can hopefully get back to this evening!  
   Have an Art-happy Wednesday! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6 - Make Waves

Seahorses are purple, aren't they?!
   One of the most enjoyable things about creating art is creating your own reality.  Like purple sea horses!  
   The picture above is some of the detail at the bottom of my recently completed page for Day 6 of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's class 30 Days in Your Journal -- make sure you click the button on the right and check it out.
   I started my two-page spread on Friday and yesterday's page came out as a sunny day for my background of journaling.  No doubt influenced to the sunny day I woke up too.  (See yesterday's post here.)
Make Waves
   Last night I found a set of acrylic clear stamps from Pink Paislee that I bought last month and had tucked away.  I was sorting through things and when I saw the "Make Waves" sentiment from  Nantucket (00529) and it also had the seahorse and one of the shells, the Intermediate Swimmer badge and smaller anchor stamps. (Other shell and anchor stamps are from an old retired SU! set.)
      I thought in keeping with the wave theme that I would pull out a never-before-used ruler made by plaid with -- what else? -- wavy edges!  I love serendipitous moments like this when all the supplies come together and just work together.  
   I've probably had it in  my stash two or three years (shame on me - LOL!  Anyone else able to plead guilty about stash bought but not yet used?)  Its always fun to discover something like that and put it into use.
   I hope you enjoyed your visit with me and will be back soon!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Days 4 and 5 - 30 Days in Your Journal

   I'm taking part in Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's 30 Days in Your Journal class.  You can click on the button to the right and get more info.
   I was so glad to get the work week over and get home Friday to work on Day 4 of my journal.  It was pure joy to paint a two-page background with Koi watercolors and stamp my favorite vine/leaves from one of Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions sets, Around the Edge DS006.  I then painted the leaves with some of Golden's Acrylics in Green-Gold and Cobalt Teal.  I took my watercolors again and put some shading around the leaves and stem.  
   On Friday I was a bit brain dead as far as putting any coherent thoughts down for my journal so I just lettered in a quote I have on a stamp.  I also doodled some dots with a Sharpie and then used a white Sharpie Poster Paint fine-point pen to color them in.  I doodled my flower around the #4.
   Today, Saturday, I drew in the border to separate my days and put a few more white dots (they're addicting LOL!).     

Oh boy!  Who knew this was going to be a major fix-it up day?!  I made three oops - although I erroneously told our group there were two, I had forgotten the original one I made that should have been a warning of the mishaps to come.  Fortunately Gesso saves all - LOL!
   I first stamped the 2nd 'f' in the word fifth upside-down.  My sun didn't stamp correctly - I guess due to being so close to the seam of the page and the bee in the top left had to be redone.
   Well, hopefully tomorrow it will be a better day for journaling!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Every Nickel Counts - Journal Day 3

   Taking part of 30 Days in your Journal - see the button to the right --->  I recently got a Sticker Nation 2 book and was flipping through it and that turned my thoughts to how the animal shelter we help out does so much with little funding.
   When I walked in, I felt like I had a mob of little children running up to me and wanting to be picked up -- these animals want attention so badly.  I sat down to try to make notes for Stephen when he took his photos and didn't expect that I was going to be "claimed'.  There were more who just didn't get to my lap fast enough and one little enterprising female who jumped on my shoulder from behind as you can see.

   Besides donating what we can, we help with bringing boxes for the cages and Stephen takes photos of the cats for the website to aid their adoptions.  Sadly, cats will stay in a shelter much longer than dogs before someone adopts them.  
   Stephen had been going for a few weeks on his own taking photos and I knew I would find it hard to see cats in cages (or any pet for that matter).    Although all my cats have been rescues, I've adopted in the clean atmosphere of a Petsmart or from a friend who rescued but couldn't keep a cat.  I also suspected I would end up wanting to take some (all?)  home.  (Since I started helping, we have added two more to our "clowder of cats" - Billie Jean & Cooper.)
   The economy is affecting many to the point they feel pressured to give up their pets.  No doubt, some just do it for selfish reasons, but this summer has been hard on people in our area with the horrid drought we're experiencing --we  haven't had a normal measure of rainfall since last February or March, the threat of the wildfires that came so close just two months ago that had people evacuating and then brought even more to the shelter - if only to temporarily house their pets while they went to hotels.
   If you can, when you help needy people this Thanksgiving and Christmas season, try to spare a few dollars or take some supplies to your local shelters.
  They can't tell you thank you, but the animals do appreciate it.   

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's on your Work Desk Wednesday - #126

   I have just not been able to get enough time to do anything in my art room lately and it's driving me bonkers!  So, I vowed I would try to do a little of something every day in November (even if I don't blog it) and I thought Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's 30 Days in Your Journal -- see BUTTON to your RIGHT! -- online class would be the perfect inspiration (read that as: "kick in the pants") to doing  something creative each day.
   On my messy table is the journal I was working on last night for Day One of class.  I did imitate Julie's color scheme and big half-circle on the left, but then I went my own way.  I have no idea why, but I decided I was going to journal on the right side first!  I vented on that page (hence, the blurring) and then using the "WHY?" as my kick off point again went a different and more calming and creative direction with my spirit.  Guess I needed to get the garbage cleared out of my emotional pipes - LOL!)
   Julie's blog is here: Her creativity and all the artistic balls she is juggling just amaze me!  I am so in love with her line of stencils from The Crafter's Workshop.  
Check out that video demo and then click on ALL TEMPLATES on the left and scroll down for the Balzer Designs line
   I am definitely becoming a "stencil junkie" and have probably purchased about 90% of hers  so far.  I do like the 6x6 size mostly for my journals as I usually use a smaller Moleskine journal, but I am now learning the value of those 12x12 stencils in combination with the smaller ones.  FUN!
   I almost freaked out when I found out Julie was in Houston a few weeks back -- AND I COULDN'T GET IN for a class with her -- because it was a trade show for retail vendors only.  Oh! the cruelty of the world.... LOL ... OK!  Enough whining!
   Thanks  for stopping by and bear in mind that I'm getting close to my 100th blog post soon and I plan to offer some blog candy then.  I hope you'll come by again!  
   Enjoy your Wednesday and rest of the week! 
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