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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Days 4 and 5 - 30 Days in Your Journal

   I'm taking part in Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's 30 Days in Your Journal class.  You can click on the button to the right and get more info.
   I was so glad to get the work week over and get home Friday to work on Day 4 of my journal.  It was pure joy to paint a two-page background with Koi watercolors and stamp my favorite vine/leaves from one of Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions sets, Around the Edge DS006.  I then painted the leaves with some of Golden's Acrylics in Green-Gold and Cobalt Teal.  I took my watercolors again and put some shading around the leaves and stem.  
   On Friday I was a bit brain dead as far as putting any coherent thoughts down for my journal so I just lettered in a quote I have on a stamp.  I also doodled some dots with a Sharpie and then used a white Sharpie Poster Paint fine-point pen to color them in.  I doodled my flower around the #4.
   Today, Saturday, I drew in the border to separate my days and put a few more white dots (they're addicting LOL!).     

Oh boy!  Who knew this was going to be a major fix-it up day?!  I made three oops - although I erroneously told our group there were two, I had forgotten the original one I made that should have been a warning of the mishaps to come.  Fortunately Gesso saves all - LOL!
   I first stamped the 2nd 'f' in the word fifth upside-down.  My sun didn't stamp correctly - I guess due to being so close to the seam of the page and the bee in the top left had to be redone.
   Well, hopefully tomorrow it will be a better day for journaling!

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