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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Every Nickel Counts - Journal Day 3

   Taking part of 30 Days in your Journal - see the button to the right --->  I recently got a Sticker Nation 2 book and was flipping through it and that turned my thoughts to how the animal shelter we help out does so much with little funding.
   When I walked in, I felt like I had a mob of little children running up to me and wanting to be picked up -- these animals want attention so badly.  I sat down to try to make notes for Stephen when he took his photos and didn't expect that I was going to be "claimed'.  There were more who just didn't get to my lap fast enough and one little enterprising female who jumped on my shoulder from behind as you can see.

   Besides donating what we can, we help with bringing boxes for the cages and Stephen takes photos of the cats for the website to aid their adoptions.  Sadly, cats will stay in a shelter much longer than dogs before someone adopts them.  
   Stephen had been going for a few weeks on his own taking photos and I knew I would find it hard to see cats in cages (or any pet for that matter).    Although all my cats have been rescues, I've adopted in the clean atmosphere of a Petsmart or from a friend who rescued but couldn't keep a cat.  I also suspected I would end up wanting to take some (all?)  home.  (Since I started helping, we have added two more to our "clowder of cats" - Billie Jean & Cooper.)
   The economy is affecting many to the point they feel pressured to give up their pets.  No doubt, some just do it for selfish reasons, but this summer has been hard on people in our area with the horrid drought we're experiencing --we  haven't had a normal measure of rainfall since last February or March, the threat of the wildfires that came so close just two months ago that had people evacuating and then brought even more to the shelter - if only to temporarily house their pets while they went to hotels.
   If you can, when you help needy people this Thanksgiving and Christmas season, try to spare a few dollars or take some supplies to your local shelters.
  They can't tell you thank you, but the animals do appreciate it.   

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Melisa Waldorf said...

Oh no! That's so sad. You sold me. Can you donate online?? I avoid pet stores because that makes me sad to see them in cages as well. I love your cat border!

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