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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking Ahead to 2012

   I'm sure many of us, as we get through the holidays, tend to reflect on the closing year and think about things we enjoyed, sorrowed over and look ahead with hope to the coming, new year.
   As I look back, if you had told me I would fall in love with collage and paints I would not have believed you.  Somewhere mid-year I discovered many wonderful artists who've influenced me to start art journaling.  I've always had a love of stamping which is why I found their blogs but discovered a new direction to take it.  (I was burning out on making cards.).  I am especially grateful to Kate Crane, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Paula Phillips and a UK gal I only know as Rach0113.  I adore the collage elements I get from Paper Whimsy and Cemerony's Etsy site.  
She Art
   The other special blessing I am thankful for is my newest Artsy friend, Melisa Waldorf.  She introduced me to She Art by Christy Tomlinson  and I was off with the collage elements and buying canvases like mad!  And I discovered a fascination with using Rub Ons all over those projects.  Pure joy!  
   And I am grateful for those who keep my love of stamping alive with their amazing inspiration:  Hels Sheridan, Linda's Grungy Monday and Wendy Vecchi.  I've not been able to participate much lately but I love Hels' Sunday Stamper challenges.
   And lastly, I am happy that we were able to rescue two special shelter cats, Billie Jean and Cooper and add them to our "clowder".  
Billie Jean with her squirrel toy
Cooper is very Crafty
My craft room is always full of friends
   Wishing you a Happy and Artsy 2012 - and if possible the companionship you find when you open your heart to an animal in need of rescue from your local shelter!
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