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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making a Journal Cover

   Part of the fun with art journals is you can have several going at once.  After all, it's a process of layers and letting media like gesso or paints dry.  So, you start one, put it aside and start another.  Then come back.  
   Sometimes I don't really finish a page for a couple of weeks and then other times I pull it all together in one session.  It's really given me a new found sense of freedom in my art.  Get stuck on one - move onto another.  Love it!
   I have a couple of journals that are smaller Moleskine and then a couple of these from Canson that are Mix media paper.  

   I first started out with the Canson journal and was just using "as is".  Then I got the bright idea with the second one to pull out the pages from the wire and then I can put them back in place when finished.  I usually like doing a two-page spread so that is why I didn't like having the uncovered gaps in the middle.  With pulling out my pages and temporarily binding them on the back with blue, painter's tape, I can work them as a whole, then remove the tape and put it back in the binding.
   I was experimenting with the Byzantia Jewel-tone paints a little on this single page.  (See yesterday's post for a great retailer.)  
Click to see it better!
   I was being timid so you may not notice it, but even the little bit of green I used here and there really shimmers when I pick it up and move it in the light.  So yummy that I bought the other eight colors on Friday and received them Monday in the mail.  Oooh - am I going to have delicious fun!
   I am planning to adhere this page onto the blue cover.  It was a lot of fun putting in some of my own doodled leaves, and flowers and experimenting with Tim Holtz' Ideology Alphabet masks and also some new stencils I bought from Mary Beth Shaw, Stencil Girl.  Check her site out too!  There are some really fun designs and I can't wait to get more!
   Thanks for coming by - leave a comment if you want. 
   Hugs to y'all!